Character / Vehicles / Architecture. June 2016

Wojciech bajor 00050 wb characters concept priests and juggenaut v2 mixed

Hi-Tech Bishop and Heavy Servant finished designs.

Wojciech bajor 0005 pojazdy postepy concept web

Bishops transport and Mobile Guard Tank.

Wojciech bajor wojciech bajor s12228 plansza scenografie art up sm

Key frames put together for the story.

Wojciech bajor 0004 wb props building beach series concept sheet v1

Architectural style exploration.

Wojciech bajor cardinal key shot txture and full color 64

Rough KeyShot render, modelled in 3D-Coat.

Wojciech bajor wb vehicles tank transport render 4 concepts 34

Rough KeyShot render, modelled in 3D-Coat.

Wojciech bajor 001 cardinal transport kareta design 3

Early stage of bishop transportation.

Wojciech bajor concept 1 mobile tank

Mid version of Mobile Tank.

Wojciech bajor tank vehicle old model reff

Early model of tank made in 3D-Coat.

Wojciech bajor 0001 wstepny projekt katedry

Another architecture sketch.

Wojciech bajor 0002 projekt bramy miasta

City gate front view.

HI_tech Bishop and his heavy servant.
I also designed vehicles for tronsporting them as wall as for the protection.
Attached rough sequance story I was doing. Still unfinished.
It was fun project, more stuff coming soon.